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Why should you plan a Fez Foodie Tour, you may wonder? Fez is a city known for not only its rich culture and history but also for the delicious food that you will find on every corner of the cultural capital, from the fancy Riads, and the terrace restaurants to the street food stand in the alleyways of the old medina severing you a delicious variety of food that guarantees there something for everyone. From traditional pastries and sweets made with almond paste, coconut shreds, and honey accompanied with Moroccan mint tea to diverse and ravishing-looking tagines, sweet and salty chicken pastillas, Kofta sandwiches, fresh orange juice stands, and much more!

Our Fez Foodie Tour will start a delicious traditional Moroccan breakfast in a lovely Riad right in the heart of the old medina. The breakfast contains M’semen, Beghrir, Moroccan freshly baked bread, olive oil, fruit jam, honey, the famous Fassi dry-aged beef ( Khlea ) with eggs, and of course a delicious cup of Mint tea on the side. Continuing our Fez Foodie Tour, we will take you around the city to try authentic delicious food,  pastry, and traditional sweets like Feqass and Kaab Ghazal. 

On your lunch break, we will allow you to get lost in the Moroccan Tajine flavors. When you think of Moroccan cuisine, Tajine is one of the first meals that come to mind. It’s a particular stew that is prepared in a baked clay pot over a low fire. The dish is named after this pot, which has a cone shape that compresses the water vapor within the pot and stops meals from getting dry while cooking. Fish, lamb, chicken, or cattle can all be used to make tagines. In a broth flavored with diced veggies, including potatoes, carrots, and aubergines, as well as spices like coriander, turmeric, paprika, and ginger, the meat is cooked over extremely low heat. A tajine pot may contain almonds, olives, or plums, depending on the recipe, and Moroccans frequently add a squeeze of lemon to it.

Fez Foodie Tour

We will also take you to a second round of mint tea while watching the sunset on rooftop Riad overlooking the beautiful old medina followed by a night of discovering the medina’s street food scene from Maakouda to Merguez. For dinner, you might want to keep it light; that is why we suggest you have Harira soup. Coriander, parsley, tomato, and flour are the main ingredients used in its preparation, along with chickpeas and meat—usually veal or lamb. There are many various variants of this soup, but in general, it’s a substantial meal served with dates and chebakia, a traditional dessert.

Our Fez Foodie Tour offers an experience that can be tailored to suit your specific taste, feel free to tell us what you like and are excited to try and we will make it happen for you!

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