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A Fez Shopping Tour is for you if you think that retail therapy is the greatest type of treatment! In Fez, you’ll literally shop ’til you drop since there’s so much to choose from. When the sellers offer their in-depth knowledge of their handicrafts, our guide will aid in comprehending their insightful comments.

Discover our Fez Shopping Tour

Many people come to Fez to visit its beautiful old medina, to shop and take with them as much souvenirs as possible. Our tour is here to help you navigate the huge variety of shopping places that this city has to offer and help you cover most of them, from traditional and modern clothes to food, house decorations and much more!

Our Fez Shopping Tour will take you to traditional crafts shops and markets in the Old Medina such as Dar Dbagh (Leather market), and Dar Seffarine (Copper cookware market), we would be visiting also some pottery, jewelry, and clothes markets, without forgetting all the traditional food shops (Spices, Smen, candies…). At the end of the day, our Fez Shopping Tour will take you to some of Fez’s modern shopping spots like Borj Fez, a shopping mall where you can find all the different modern clothing and food spots.

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    a group of Fez locals who love their city and are passionate about its unique culture, its long and rich history and want to share that with people from all over the world!

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