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The Best 7 Riads in Fez

If you come across traditional Moroccan homes that have a courtyard or garden within, you’re in a Riad. Intricate tile work, carved oak doors and ceilings, and lush, tranquil patios with fountains or ponds are typical features of Riads in Fez. Many also portray authentic Moroccan decorations including exquisite mosaics, flamboyant carpets, and lamps.

Additionally, several Riads in Fez provide exquisite regional food, rooftop patios with city views, and on-site spa facilities. Intrigued? Read this blog until the end, and let us help you find the best Riads in Fez for your next Fez city tour.

Riad Fes (Relais & Chateaux)

The Riad Fes is situated 15 kilometers from the Fez-Saiss Airport in the center of the city’s medina. A pool and a patio with a view of the Atlas Mountains are features of this inn. Oriental furniture and air conditioning are features of its rooms and suites.

A desk, sitting area, and a satellite TV are also included in every room. Genuinely Moroccan and other world cuisines are served in the restaurant of the Riad. Either the hotel dining room or the top terrace is available for eating. On-site wine sampling is another option. The hammam, the tour desk, the 24-hour lobby with currency exchange, and the outdoor pool are other amenities that you will enjoy.

Riad Toyour

In Fez lays a historic inn called Riad Toyour. The center courtyard, which is adorned with tilework and fountains, distinguishes this style of typical Moroccan home. The distance between the lodging and Karaouiyne is less than 1 km, while the distance to Fez Railway Station is 4.5 km. The Riad Toyour (Riad of Birds) is 18 kilometers from Fez-Saiss International Airport, and it provides a chargeable airport shuttle service.

The renovated Riad Toyour provides a peaceful haven from the city’s bustle. It has cozy rooms with classic furnishings, a rooftop terrace for eating and sunbathing, and a tranquil courtyard with a pond. The Riad Toyour personnel is renowned for their friendly hospitality and will make every effort to ensure that your time in Fez is as pleasurable as possible.

Palais Amani

For those looking to enjoy the finest that Morocco has to offer, Palais Amani is an obvious choice. The luxury Riad features twenty-one rooms and suites arranged around a magnificent garden, a gourmet restaurant, two bars, a sumptuous hammam and massage rooms, and is the location of the renowned Fez Cooking School.

Why not give in to a culinary adventure when visiting Fez and reserve a meal with wine tasting? Their chefs have created a 5-course dinner with a unique selection of excellent Moroccan wines. An expert will discuss the complexity of the wines you will drink to round off this culinary experience.

Riad al Amine

Among the Riads in Fez, a classic Moroccan inn called Riad Al Amine is situated in the Moroccan city of Fez. The ancient medina (old city) of Fez is home to the Riad Al Amine, which provides lodgings and typical Moroccan hospitality. The Riad offers a variety of contemporary conveniences in addition to the historic and cultural environment of Fez.

The guesthouse has roomy accommodations, a rooftop patio with city views, and a restaurant offering traditional Moroccan food. Riads like Riad Al Amine are frequently chosen by visitors visiting Morocco because they provide a distinctive and genuine experience in the middle of the nation’s ancient towns.

Dar Sefarin

The Moroccan city of Fez is home to the hotel known as Dar Sefarin. It is frequently sought after by tourists hoping for a distinctive and genuine cultural experience because of its traditional Moroccan style and architecture. The hotel is adjacent to several of the city’s well-known sites, including the Bouaanania and Al Attarine Madrasas, and is situated in the old Fez el Bali.

Each of the rooms and suites at Dar Sefarin is attractively furnished with customary Moroccan furniture and fabrics. Visitors may unwind in the courtyard or take in city views from the hotel’s terrace. Additionally, the hotel has a restaurant providing conventional Moroccan food and a bar where guests can socialize and relax.

Riad Salam Fes

This exquisitely renovated home, which is a guesthouse in a peaceful area of the Fez medina, offers 8 opulent suites and 2 bedrooms, all of which include the creations of Fez artists. With its elaborate plasterwork, mosaic flooring, and carved cedar wood ceilings, Riad Salam is undoubtedly the most romantic Riad in all of Fez.

Enjoy a panoramic view of the Atlas Mountains and the Fez Medina from Riad Salam. In order to unwind, Riad Salam provides its visitors with a private spa experience that includes a traditional hammam and soothing massages. It is a well-liked option among tourists seeking a traditional experience in Fez and is strongly advised for those wanting to learn more about the intriguing city’s rich history and culture.

Riad Laarousa

Riad Laarousa is a Riad situated in the center of Fez, which is renowned for its rich history, cultural legacy, and beautiful architecture. While visiting Fez’s lively medina and busy marketplaces, guests at the Riad can enjoy a distinctive fusion of traditional Moroccan hospitality and modern conveniences.

In the center of the Fez Medina, this Riad is housed in a palace from the 17th century. It has accommodations with air conditioning, a traditional Hammam, and a spa with massage therapies. The Riad’s restaurant provides traditional Moroccan and Fassi fare for breakfast every day. In the hotel bar, visitors may unwind while sipping on a drink.

Staying in Riads in Fez might be a great choice if you want to have a genuine experience in Morocco. Make sure to book one of the seven we’ve mentioned above. Feel free to contact us if you need more information.

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