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Fez has so much to explore and discover, consequently we have put together a finely made list of tours to help you narrow what you want to see and experience in this rich and abundant city both historically and culturally. Pick one of our Fez tours to make your trip an unforgettable one!

Fez City Tour

The city of Fez, which was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1981, continues to be a center of culture and spirituality. It is home to a number of breathtaking tourist attractions that not only delight the…

Fez Foodie Tour

Why should you plan a Fez Foodie Tour, you may wonder? Fez is a city known for not only its rich culture and history but also for the delicious food that you will find on every corner of…

Fez Historical Tour

Fez is one the oldest cities in Morocco with a long and rich history dating back to the Idrissi dynasty. The city reached its peak during the Marinid era both politically and culturally, it was the capital of…

Fez Shopping Tour

A Fez Shopping Tour is for you if you think that retail therapy is the greatest type of treatment! In Fez, you'll literally shop 'til you drop since there's so much to choose from. When the sellers offer…

Fez Jewish Heritage Tour

Morocco was historically known as a diverse country where people from different religions and races live in harmony and peace. Fez had one of the Jewish biggest communities in the country, they started immigrating to Morocco as early…

Fez Handicraft Tour

In Morocco, handicrafts are extremely important culturally. The culture and traditions of a civilization are reflected in handicraft, which is also regarded as a symbol that accurately captures the everyday culture of the populace. By utilizing local resources,…

Fez Cultural Tour

Fez is considered Morocco’s cultural capital and it has everything you’d expect from the country’s biggest imperial city. From the different authentic handicrafts sites like the tanneries and their old leather processing techniques, the zellige makers and their…

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