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You may wonder ‘why should I take Fes Cooking Classes?’ Well, here are a few reasons why you must! Prior to learning proper Moroccan food presentation tactics, you will learn the fundamentals of cooking.

You will then be able to throw the ideal family dinners, become more comfortable in the kitchen, and learn how to make recipes that can be passed on from one generation to another.

Furthermore, this will enable you to pursue a new hobby or even a career, enjoy your free time at home as much as you can, and, most significantly, just offer yourself a purpose to mess around.

Moroccan cuisine is well known in the world for its tasty dishes and meals, and the colorful vegetables and spices used in them. Although eating those delicious dishes is fun, cooking them can be much more interesting; therefore, our Fez Cooking Classes will provide you with an enjoyable space to learn the basics of this art.

Our Fez cooking classes will teach you how to make the Moroccan traditional dish Tajine along with some other side dishes. Tajine is a mix of meat, sauce, and different vegetables cooked in an earthenware pot which is the main element of this dish since it gives it a special aromatic smoky taste. Our class will also teach you how to make side dishes like Zaalouk which is a roasted eggplant and tomato dip, as well as Moroccan Salad which is a mix of very small cubs of cucumber, tomato, and onion.

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