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Fez is considered Morocco’s cultural capital and it has everything you’d expect from the country’s biggest imperial city. From the different authentic handicrafts sites like the tanneries and their old leather processing techniques, the zellige makers and their colorful shapes, the blacksmithing and their beautiful patterns, and many others; to the food that is a staple part of the city with its traditional dishes and the different street food that can be found in the narrow alleys of the medina.

Get lost with us on our Fez Cultural Tour in the alleys of the old medina and you won’t get bored for a second! We recommend to dedicate a tour to the Medina to shopping only. Enter the souks of the Medina, where you can find practically everything. For instance, plenty of fruit, spices, and herbs can be found in abundance in El-Attarine, and the henna souk in the center of Fès el-Bali is home to a variety of traditional cosmetic products.

Make sure to purchase the famed blue and white ceramics from Fes, as well as jewelry, woodwork, leather goods, chandeliers, woven cushions, scarves, mini rugs, and vibrant slippers, which are among the most sought-after mementos. Keep in mind that with the exception of Friday mornings and occasionally Friday afternoons, stores and souks are typically open from around 10 am to 6 pm.

Fez Cultural Tour

With its beautiful riads and architecture, the lifeful souks, the impressive monuments such as Al Qarawiyyin university, El Merenid Tombs, Bab Boujloud, and Chouara Tannery amongst others, the old Medina of Fes should be an eighth wonder of the world. We will take a walk in the beautiful gardens of Jnan Sbil and visit the mesmerizing Royal Palace, to see its magnificent brass doors, surrounded by fine zellige, and carved cedar wood. The Fez Cultural tour is specifically made to show you parts of every aspect that makes this city so special.

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