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In Morocco, handicrafts are extremely important culturally. The culture and traditions of a civilization are reflected in handicraft, which is also regarded as a symbol that accurately captures the everyday culture of the populace. By utilizing local resources, a handicraft supports national history while preserving traditional skills and expertise. Furthermore, economically speaking, the economic growth of the country depends, to a certain extent, on handicrafts. They become a significant source of foreign profits and offer a lot of job prospects, even with little capital outlays.

Fez Handicraft Tour

Traditional handicrafts are one of the many things this beautiful city is famous for. Fez has multiple traditional Moroccan crafts industries from its famous tanneries making leather goods in their big stone vats filled with different color liquids to the Zellige industry that didn’t change from the 14th and 17th centuries. We also can’t talk about the handicrafts industry in Fez without mentioning the Seffarine square, known for its blacksmithing and etching in the copper and bronze concert of sonorities, the Seffarine square is one of the most charming and authentic spots in the old medina of Fez, where you can see the process of freehand etching and witness craftsmen creating marvelous patterns and pieces.

Our Fez Handicraft Tour will take you around the famous leather work tanneries in the city like the Chouara tannery to discover and witness this centuries old process. Then, we will visit the Seffarine square with its etching masters and remarkable sounds. After that, we will wander the charming small alleys of the old medina visiting the different shops and souks of traditional rugs, Zellige, Fassi pottery and ceramics, metal work and woven work goods as well as the eye-catching Moroccan jewelry stands. There is no doubt you will leave Fez with a suitcase filled with one of a kind souvenirs!

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