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Morocco was historically known as a diverse country where people from different religions and races live in harmony and peace. Fez had one of the Jewish biggest communities in the country, they started immigrating to Morocco as early as 70 CE. Two well-known temples were also located in Fes, which formerly had a thriving Jewish community during the 17th century.

Later on, the country became a sanctuary for them as they were escaping Spain and Portugal after an edict was issued in 1492 dictating the expulsion of practicing Jews. With that, the Jewish population of the city grew which led to a Jewish quarter being formed that was called Mellah and was situated close to the Royal palace, it was the first Jewish quarter in Morocco that was recreated in other cities and took the same name “Mellah”.

Fez Jewish Heritage Tour

Expect to visit, on our Fez Jewish Heritage Tour, the residence of Maimonides, who resided in Fes from 1159 to 1165, and other remnants of historic Jewish life may be seen all over the old city of Fes, also called the Medina. Despite a diminishing population, the Jewish community of Fes is striving hard to preserve its communal spirit as well as its heritage and customs.

Our Fez Jewish Heritage Tour takes you around the monuments that this old community has in the city and their unique architecture, from the Tomb of Solica to the Ibn Danan Synagogue which was built in the 17th century and renovated and reopened in early 2000, to Synagogue Al Fassiyine and others that is located near the Jewish cemetery, such as the Talmud Torah Synagogue.

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